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We want to live for a long time on this Earth, and even for Eternity. This blog is a synthesis of my reflections as a faithful Catholic, a determined Crossfit athlete and a Paleoista in the kitchen.


It was a dark and stormy grey night at Crossfit, when I walk in and the WOD is revealed:

Oooh boy; how fitting for today’s weather.

50 push jerks 135/95
50 ring dips
50 ring rows

I walked into the box knowing there was a great challenge ahead of me; I love these days – when you know the WOD will take a really long time.

Push Jerks are tough on the wrists; I often forget that we have to straighten our wrists on the push instead of keeping them bent from the rack position. When I corrected myself, I started to feel less pressure on my wrists and I could do more consecutive push jerks.

My mentality for the entire WOD was to do sets of 10 reps at a time; It started off OK… I did 2 sets of 10 push jerks at 95lbs, but then it got rougher. I took breaks, grabbed some water, rotated my wrists. I asked questions during the WOD even though I worked on the skill beforehand. I knew it would take me around a half hour to do properly; I was OK with that, especially since I have push-jerked heavier.

The second movement felt insane; ring dips, even though I was using a green+pink band, were very stubborn on my wrists as well. I was only able to do sets of 3-5 each time. But I did it with a smile, albeit a little exasperated, but I was feeling amazing. I wasn’t focused on time at all.

The worst part, obviously was the end of the WOD – I was trying to pull myself up in those ring rows with a straight leg but failed every 2nd or 3rd rep. I kept going. Kept pushing, even if I was doing sets of 2 or 3 each time. My arms felt like jello — my coach told me that when I was pausing, to sit up and get water, or stand and get chalk so I wouldn’t be laying on the floor — that would just welcome defeat. So I didn’t lay down.

When the workout ended, my time was better than I thought! I was pleasantly surprised and I’m kind of impressed with myself. 24min 18 sec. The guys I was working out with finished a solid 5-6minutes ahead of me, but I love it when they do because they cheer so damn loud. One of my friends scares the crap out of me when he yells at me and it makes me push THAT MUCH HARDER. I love the support at Crossfit; the last to finish gets the loudest screams. 🙂